A Product of BRER Development, Inc. (100% US manufactured, assembled and tested)

  • High-tech face planer
  • Carbide cutting inserts
  • Quick-change blades
  • Low dust
  • Light-weight

TECHNA SHEAR™ is a hand-held carbide face planer that is the first practical and economical alternative to grinding, and in many instances, even slag blasting. One of our customers used it to plane the teak decks of the Battleship Missouri!

TECHNA SHEAR™ is innovative -- it has replaceable round carbide inserts (patent pending) that may be indexed eight times to renew the cutting edges before they have to be sharpened or replaced. The unit does not clog easily and may be solvent cleaned.

TECHNA SHEAR™ is versatile! It will shave away the tread from a tire, turn PVC to chips, devour wood and will cut away semi-cured laminate.

  • Wood
  • Laminates
  • Soft metals
  • Plastics

TECHNA SHEAR™ is fast -- it removes composite material twice as fast as a 15 pound, 16 grit grinder by shearing it into particles that are more than 10 times larger than grinding dust. Tests show that floating dust is reduced by at least 75%. And TECHNA SHEAR™ weighs under 1 lb. (0.98 pounds, 444 grams), reducing fatigue.

TECHNA SHEAR™ is efficient -- glass reinforced plastic users are getting about 20 hours of continuous use on laminates before resharpening is required. As much as 40 hours is common when used on hand lay-up laminates.

The unique "Uni-Iock" ring (patent pending) allows quick operator indexing or replacement of carbides. The TECHNA SHEAR™ may be used in lieu of slag blasting in some field jobs at a fraction of the cost. And it leaves a level surface that is "toothy" and ready for secondary bonding. 

TECHNA SHEAR™ is safe -- it was designed to comply with applicable OSHA regulations for guarding power tools. Shop experience shows that workers will use the TECHNA Shear™ instead of a grinder, if given a choice. For professional use only.