Techna Shear™ - Testimonials

The following accounts are confirmed. References are available so please contact us!

Major Marine Repair Yard

“Worst damn investment I’ve ever made twice! That’s what I tell my competitors to throw them off track!”
— Phil Riise, Owner; Seaview Boatyard Inc. - Seattle, WA

Industrial Fiberglass Products

“Our Techna Shear operators have become adept at using this tool for everything. After seven months of daily use we are still on the original carbides. Techna-Shear has easily paid for itself in labor, dust and sandpaper.”
— Hulbert DeBoon, Owner; VERSA Fiberglass Products LTD - Canada

Green-Sand Aluminum Foundry (Metal)

“We used Techna-Shear to remove sprues and flashing on large aluminum castings. It doubled our part out-put per man with less effort. It cut our abrasive cost by 2/3 and was virtually dust free”.
— Wes Allen, Owner; Baywood Foundry, Inc. - WA

Fine Quality Cast Polymer Bath Products (Cultured Marble)

“Techna Shear is in constant use on our production line for heavy removal of cultured marble. This tool saves time disks and dust. One set of carbides will go a long way -- 3000 marble tops”.
—Rod Lertola, Technical manager; Marbelite Corporation - MI

Gelcoat Stripping (Coating Removal)

“Techna Shear is twice as fast as our “super” grinder and paid for itself in labor after only three hulls. Our marina has done about 300 hulls and a lot of other miscellaneous repair jobs with the original unit”.
— Vic Dupenthaller, Co-owner; Padden Creek Marine - WA

OEM Sailing Yacht Builder (Kevlar ™ Composites)

“What impresses me about Techna Shear is its speed of operation and the lack of dust it produces. This tool is a real time-saver. We also use Techna Shear on Kevlar™ because it doesn’t heat-up the material as much as a sander/grinder. Techna shear cuts faster and leaves a more level and toothy surface for bonding.”
— Eric Sommers, Composite Supervisor; The Hinckley Co. - MA

Industrial Equipment Repair and Manufacturing

“Our investment in Techna Shear was paid-off in its first relining project by eliminating sand blasting. We have four Techna Shear units and they’re used in the shop or out in the field. Techna Shear saves us labor and our customers a lot of down-time and money”.
— John Boyd, Owner; Augusta Fiberglass Corporation - SC

Industrial Equipment Repair

“Techna Shear paid for itself in labor alone during its first 40 hours of use. We have purchased more than 20 units and our folks love them”.
— Eric Schumacher, GM Ershigs; - Biloxi, MS

Custom FRP Mega-Yacht Builder

“We conducted a race between a 7” “wildcat” grinder and Techna Shear. Techna Shear did three times more area than the grinder and produced a fraction of the dust. We were impressed.”
— Dennis Taylor, Operations Supervisor; - Westport, WA

Work Description Techna Shear Est. Grinding Hours Saved
% Saved
Jeff Clingen Decor E/R vents 1.25 hr 8 hr 6.75 hr 400%
Ron Ellis Freeboard engine exhaust .75 hr 2.5 hr 1.75 hr 300%
Wayne Steele Grind laminate receiver 3 min 15 min 12 min 400%
Coleman Carle Grind for speed gauge 10 min 45 min 35 min 400%
John Wallin Fitting wood radius 30 min 1.5 hr 1 hr 400%
Gary L. Transmission bulkhead 15 min 1 hr 45 min 400%